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Partner Training

Partner Training

This service is designed for 2 people to share a customized personal training session. Partner training sessions are a perfect fit for friends, workout buddies and couples that share similar health and fitness goals. It’s a more cost effective way to get personal training.

Partner Training Sessions are perfect for:
- Friends/couples fitness training to lose weight and tone up.
- Friends/couples training for an upcoming race or event.
- Workout buddies that have hit a plateau with their normal routine.
- Those looking for a more cost effective personal training service.

Benefits of Partner Training Sessions
This format of fitness training is fun, motivating, encouraging, and may give you the urge to engage in a little friendly competition. Each workout plan is customized to progress both of your individual abilities in strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Certain exercises may also be performed together. The guidance you will receive in each training session will help keep you and your partner accountable to reach your goals in the most safe and effective way.

What You Can Expect
An initial consultation is necessary in order to establish your short-term and long-term goals, and to review your medical histories, any past surgeries, or current health conditions. Your day-to-day activity levels and eating habits will also be assessed, and put toward devising a training plan that would best suit both partners needs.




“Yes most definitely I will spread the word. I really really really LOVED it. It was awesome and I had so much fun and you and your co-coach and your sister made me feel so welcome and not intimidated which is awesome I know you don’t get that everywhere.”

-Stephanie G.

“ShredZone Fitness is a great, fun experience! Every workout is different from the last, so your are challenged in the best way. The trainers are right there with you encouraging you an helping you through your workout. ShredZone Fitness has change my outlook on working out, I can't wait for more!!♡♡”

-Haley W.

"ShredZone Fitness Studio, is a fun work out, our trainer Robert/Kristine works us hard, but it's fun and it's a total body work out. When you finish you feel great and know that you had a good workout and had fun doing it. Each workout day is different. Kudos to ShredZone Fitness Studio."

-Dale P.

"The trainers are excellent motivators and the workouts are a blast! Nothing like having fun and getting in shape at the same time!"

-Courtney O.

"My name is Serena and I'm 17. I'm writing to you today to talk about ShredZone and tell you how amazing it is , one of the best fitness studio for me! The workouts are great, you can have fun while working out, plus the music is up beat. The trainers are awesome, they push you to your limit and help you every step of the way. I’ve been training with them for only a month and not once did we do the same workout twice. The result I had really impress me and my family in many ways. It was a great experience, I have no regrets!"

-Serena M..