5 Day Detox

ShredZone 5 Day Detox

The five-day detox plan is a short-term program that jump-starts an internal and external cleansing process, removing toxins from the body to promote optimal cell function. Toxins, such as tobacco smoke, air pollution, pesticides, food additives, among others, can provoke a host of discerning medical conditions, such as chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome and kidney stones. After completing a five-day detox plan, you will feel and see the difference, especially in your energy level and skin tone. Jump-start your detox diet and feel the difference.

Step 1

Eliminate processed foods, dairy, red meats from your diet and plan a menu for five days that consists of fruits and vegetables. Use organic fruits and vegetables, if possible, buying locally grown organics over store-bought produce, for wholesome nutrition. Restock your kitchen with health foods, using recipes made with legumes, grains, seeds, sprouts and whole grains.

Step 2

Drink 12-20 Oz of Water First Thing in The Morning.YES, before you brush your teeth.

No Weight Training during your Detox (Bodyweight Resistance Only).

Superset 10 Reps each - Work up to 3 sets

- Reverse crunches

- Burpee (Plank ups)

- Walk Outside 20-30 mins

Step 3

Take 1-2 Capsules of Xanthomax Per Day.


An encapsulated dietary supplement designed to deliver xanthohumol, a powerful antioxidant that assists in elevating mood."

We Recommend The Dose as Your First Time Order


Smart Coffee is not just a Coffee. It is a functional beverage, with a proprietary blend of natural and botanical NOOTROPICS. The D.O.S.E. Package includes: Smart Coffee or Choclevate & XanthoMax"


Coffee Recipe

- 1 Scoop or Half of Scoop of SMART COFFEE or CHOCLEVATE.

- 1 Scoop of KETOCRE Creamer

- 1 Scoop of COLLAGEN (Optional)

- Blend & Enjoy (Hot or Cold)

Make Sure You Eat 1-3 Meals A Day.

Recap of 5 Day Quick Start Detox

Get Your Mind Right First Thing In the Morning - Be Grateful Upon Rising In The Morning.

- Drink 12-20 Oz of Water (Even before u brush ur teeth.)

- No weight training. Bodyweight resistance only
“Suggested Exercise” Super set 10 reps ea. (Work up to 3 sets)

  • Reverse crunches
  • Burpees (Plank ups)
  • Walk outside 20-30min

    After Shower

    - Take 1-2 Xanthomax

    - Drink 1/2-1 servings Smart Coffee or Choclevate

    - Have a Light Breakfast or a Protein Shake

    Make sure you eat 1-3 Meals Daily

    Drink lemon water throughout the day, squeezing a quarter lemon into a glass of filtered water. Sip throughout the day.

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