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Online Personal Training Program

Personal Training


Looking for a Custom Workout Program built completely around you & your goals? Then this workout program is for you!

With the 4 Week Custom Workout Program, you can expect:

1.A Custom Workout & Cardio Plan that is 100% built around you and your goals in mind!
2.Suggested Supplements for you to take to help achieve your goals!
3.Weekly Check-Ins.

**In addition you will receive a 1 Month Supply of our DOSE Supplement.**

You Don’t Have To Worry About a Thing!

Every workout that you will be doing for the next 4 weeks, will state the exact Exercise we want you to do, along with the number of Sets and Reps we want you to perform as well! In addition to that, we also provide the exact type of cardio we would like you to do. So ultimately, all you have to do is get your butt in that gym, and let me handle the rest!

12 Week Online Training


It takes 12 weeks of exercise and clean eating for you to notice a change in your body.

Real results takes real time. Through our 12 week program, you will learn how to apply sustainable healthy habits to your daily routine. Not only will your body change. Your life will change.


An initial assessment
This 30-minute assessment will take place on the phone or video chat. I want to know what your day to day life is like, what injuries you've suffered/suffer from and what your current exercise routine is like. These details will help me design a proper routine for you to follow so you can CRUSH your fitness goals.

A personalized strength training and cardio program
With the information you provide during the assessment and having your fitness goals in mind, I create a specific strength training and cardio program for you to follow. This program will change every 4 weeks, as you meet your fitness goals.

A personalized diet suggestion plan
A part of this journey (more than 60% of it actually) will be your eating habits. I offer macro breakdown recommendations, suggestive meal plans, snack ideas, and other food prep techniques specific to you.

**In addition you will receive a 1 Month Supply of our DOSE Supplement.**

A personalized supplementation list
Vitamins, minerals, and protein powders can help you reach your fitness goals. We can discuss which may be suitable options for you.

Constant motivation and accountability
We monitor your progress week to week; measuring your individual exercises, reps, weight, and other important benchmarks.

Additionally, you will have complete 24/7 access to me via our private Facebook Group, text messages, video chats.


“Yes most definitely I will spread the word. I really really really LOVED it. It was awesome and I had so much fun and you and your co-coach and your sister made me feel so welcome and not intimidated which is awesome I know you don’t get that everywhere.”

-Stephanie G.

“ShredZone Fitness is a great, fun experience! Every workout is different from the last, so your are challenged in the best way. The trainers are right there with you encouraging you an helping you through your workout. ShredZone Fitness has change my outlook on working out, I can't wait for more!!♡♡”

-Haley W.

"ShredZone Fitness Studio, is a fun work out, our trainer Robert/Kristine works us hard, but it's fun and it's a total body work out. When you finish you feel great and know that you had a good workout and had fun doing it. Each workout day is different. Kudos to ShredZone Fitness Studio."

-Dale P.

"The trainers are excellent motivators and the workouts are a blast! Nothing like having fun and getting in shape at the same time!"

-Courtney O.

"My name is Serena and I'm 17. I'm writing to you today to talk about ShredZone and tell you how amazing it is , one of the best fitness studio for me! The workouts are great, you can have fun while working out, plus the music is up beat. The trainers are awesome, they push you to your limit and help you every step of the way. I’ve been training with them for only a month and not once did we do the same workout twice. The result I had really impress me and my family in many ways. It was a great experience, I have no regrets!"

-Serena M..

"I was working out almost every day and kept gaining weight, did blood work and everything came back perfect. I strongly believe it was my hormones. I reached out to Coach Eddy and started his program and with his suggestion, I started taking his recommended supplements and my levels started to normalize as I now start seeing changes in my body not only weight but also my feet stopped swelling. Give it a try. I know how frustrating it is. Don’t give up and let Eddy help you."

-Lina R.

"Shredzone Fitness helped me get back into working out after an injury and feeling hopeless trying to lose weight. They even train my 10-year-old daughter! We are so grateful for Eddy and Kristine! They help us maintain a healthy lifestyle!"

-Andrea C.