ShredZone Fitness Trainer - Kristine Casimir


Coach Kristine

A Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer with a background as a Fitness Instructor, and Fitness Competitor.

Her education has been in the study of Kinesiology and Physical Education, and she currently holds a license in Physical Therapy. Coach Kris is very passionate about educating people on healthy ways to live and changing their lives through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle.

She is always learning new tecniques, as things are always changing and there is always new news, however, there are certain factors that do not change when it comes to building a foundation for your health. There are many toxic elements in our environment that hinder our efforts to ensure success when it comes to our overall health. She keeps things simple since our lives are hectic and stressful enough as it is.

Along the way, she may even recommend books or websites that may help when you need more substance behind what she puts out there. All in all, she is a regular person who wants a better life and chance at making it to a ripe old age without the infusion of all kinds of crazy medication, or contraction of avoidable diseases.