ShredZone Fitness Trainer - Eddy Casimir


Coach Eddy

Personal Training/Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist

Coach Eddy has always played sports throughout his life. It wasn’t until he joined the Military that he really appreciated physical fitness and athletic performance. He really got to see first hand how keeping your body in good shape directly relates to a person’s livelihood. During his time in the military, He had the opportunity to train soldiers and mold them physically & mentally. This is where he fell in love with coaching and training others. After serving 8 years in the US Army, he meet his beautiful wife (Coach Kristine), and they decided to open their own Personal Training business and help others live a healthier lifestyle.

They believe if it is worth doing, it is worth doing it right; starting with mastering the basics and then progressing up. Regardless of whether you are a high level athlete or new to exercise, Coach Eddy believes the techniques used to enhance performance are based on the same basic principle; body positioning and proper technique are key to effective exercise and injury prevention.

We understands that each individual has a goal and that there is a specific type of programming that can help that individual achieve his or her goal. We are actively seeking new techniques and learning to help clients achieve. This along with our strong understanding of exercise techniques and personal interest in fitness can be very effective for success.