ShredZone Fitness Trainer - Bianca Puig


Bianca Puig

Personal Training/Certified Health Coach

Coach Bianca has been coaching CrossFit for the past 3 Years. This allowed her to gain a deeper understanding in helping people reach their highest potential not only in physical health, but emotional as well. She incorporate on leveling up all domains of life, from Nutrition, Weight Loss, and overall Health. She also coached hundreds of clients in reaching goals in their careers, relationships, finances, and more. Coach Bianca believes you can't accomplish greatness in one domain without bettering yourself in all domains of life.

Through the years, she focused in coaching CrossFit and Olympic Weighlifting, and always ensure proper technique and form. She provides a workout that improves your physical and metal game.

Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts) has also been part of her regular practice for over 7 years, which has given her the opportunity to understand the human body and the importance of physical activity for overall happiness and health.